Board of Directors:
Elected Board of Directors will be responsible to oversee overall centralized operations of this organization.  Board Election will be conducted every two years. The recent board election was conducted in Dec 2018 to elect new board members and the next election period is Dec 2020.  Currently elected board members will serve in their capacity from Jan 2018 - Dec 2020.

Br. Shibly Omar            - President
Br. Sheik Dawood         - Vice-President
Br. Sheik Kader             - CFO/Treasurer
Br. Abdul Gafoor           - Secretary
Br. Mohamed Rabi        - Joint-Secretary

Advisory Board:

American Adirai Forum introduced the Advisory Board to assist the Board Of Directors as needed.   Board Of Directors are elected by community members and they have the full authority to run the organization and make decisions independently. For situations when more Mashura is required, BoD will reach out to Advisory Board members for suggestions. Following members will serve the Advisory Board from Jan 2018 - Dec 2020.

Br. Ahamed Buhari
Br. Ahamed Saleem 
Br. Mohamed 
Br. Najimudeen  

Chapters Management:

Chapters will be managed by appointed Directors and they will be responsible to execute the overall chapter's responsiblities.

Dr. Rasiq Ahamed  
Director - Los Angeles Chapter

Br. Shaik Dawood 
Director - Texas Chapter

Br. Mohideen A. Kader
Director - New York Chapter

Business Development Committee:

This committee will focus on improving member base and membership income primarily in Bay Area regions.  They will serve in this capacity till Dec'2017. This Committee is led by:-
Br. Mohamed Imthisar   - Vallejo/FairField/Sacramento Area
Br. Mohamed Thameem   - Los Angeles Area
Br. Harish Ahamed    - Stockton/Salinas Area
Br. Ahamed Siraj       - Sunnyvale/San Jose/Santa Clara Area
Br. Yasar Arafath       - Fremont/Hayward/San Leandro Area

Employment Committee:
This committee will focus on sharing employment opportunities within our member community.  They will serve in this capacity till Dec'2017. This Committee is led by:-

Br.Uduman Barakath
Br.Sarabudeen Nalla Abubakkar


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